Singer Deborah Cox and two of  her three kids -Isaiah,6, and Sumayah,3- are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Parents Canada magazine. In the issue, the working mom talks about how she keeps her kids fit, her latest projects and much more!


On whether or not she feeds her kids organic foods:
Yes, totally organic. Only because my son has a lot of food allergies – gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy and fish. His diet consists of rice-based and corn-based stuff, and soy. It’s really tough travelling, because we can’t eat out. His food has to be specially prepared. We do a lot of brown rice and pasta. Once I found out he was allergic to pretty much everything, we became strictly organic. I am meticulous about the things he eats because I know he has all these special diet needs and I want to make sure that its taken care of.

On whether or not she worries about her children’s health:
When they were younger I used to. Now I don’t, because I know they’re in good hands when I’m away. When I’m on tour, my husband and my mother-in-law are here and I know the kids are well taken care of. I know if they get sick it is probably something they caught at school because we’re very conscious of what we eat at home. We eat a certain way – the whole family. I know that their meals are being properly prepared, I know they’re getting their vitamins, I know what’s going on and I know their grandmother takes very good care of them, as well.

On whether or not her kids got the H1N1 shot:
Oh no! I don’t believe in this whole one-size-fits-all when it comes to vaccines and flu shots and all that. The flu shot, I found out, is egg-based and my son can’t get that because he is allergic to eggs. Thermasol is in the shot, which is mercury – I have a problem with these vaccines that have mercury in them as a preservative, because a lot of those things lead to other things. And, I have a lot of friends that have children with autism, so I have a very clear point of view when it comes to vaccinations. I had a bad experience when my daughter was vaccinated. She ended up with an abscess on her neck. My youngest daughter, I had her vaccinated, and she was sick for two months. I’m not going to become Jenny McCarthy about it, but I’m very, very cautious when it comes to getting those kind of shots. Because honestly, what is the difference between the H1N1 flu and any other flu? There’s this media hype to get everyone vaccinated unnecessarily when your body has specific things already, naturally, that fight certain things. So, I would rather build up my children’s immunity than give them a shot unnecessarily.

On what kinds of physical activities her kids are involved in:
Right now, my son has been talking about karate, karate, karate. I have to get him involved. He was doing basketball for a bit and soccer, but again with the time factor, those are things we have to take into consideration. Like, who’s going to take him? If I’m not here and my husband’s not here, we have to make sure someone can drive and take him to the lessons. I absolutely believe in getting your kids involved in extracurricular activities because that’s how I grew up, in dance classes, judo and karate. Even though we’re all girls, we did everything. I really thank my parents for exposing us to so many different activities.

On whether or not her son is destined for showbiz:
He just did a play, “The Lion and the Mouse” and he was the lion. He was really good and he really got into the role. He has always loved animals so I think he was destined to play the role. But, I think you’re right! I think he’s probably going to be in the performing arts some way, somehow. And I’m prepared for that! I’ve been in the business long enough; I know the ins and outs of it, and I am glad that I will be able to steer him in a direction where he knows not to get all crazed out with the whole fame thing.

On what the Queen Project, her latest musical project, is all about:
It’s a project that myself, Tamia and Kelly Price have put together. We’ve recorded some songs and have decided to do an album, and it’s really an empowering women’s project. We sing songs that deal with different types of issues. Our main focus is women because we’re moms and we’re in an industry that tells you that if you’re a mother or working mother, you ain’t cute enough, or sweet enough, or look good enough to be in this business. We’re here to say, hey, you can still be a mommy and still have values and still raise your kids and still be a working mom; whether you’re in the music business or not. We decided to come together and spread that message and remind women they were born queens.

Deborah also has a daughter named Kaila Michelle (born February 23, 2009) with her husband Lascelles Stephens.

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