Actress Tichina Arnold finds herself getting paranoid whenever she is in public with her daughter Alijah Kai,5. As a Hollywood mom, Tichina says that paranoia is something that comes with being a celebrity mom. Just recently, Tichina Arnold had to explain a rather “awkward paparazzi photo” to her daughter.


As told by Tichina Arnold:

“[Alijah] likes to sit with me while I am on my computer. She’s like a sponge. She wants to know every little thing and every little detail. She’s nosey and inquisitive just like I was with my mom. So I try and explain as much as I can to her. I found myself explaining a candid photo taken of me by the paparazzi that APPEARED to look like I was giving them the middle finger, when in ACTUALITY, I was adjusting my sunglasses. Now whether or not this photo was put out in cyberspace and posted with malicious intent, I STILL have someone to answer to and that person is my daughter. So after explaining to her that the picture was not what it looked like, she was cool. ”

“The fact that I found myself in this uncomfortable position with my daughter, bothered me a little. I am very cognizant about surrounding my daughter with love and tolerance really trying my best to live a positive and productive life, so I am a little bothered by the fact that I find myself CONSTANTLY trying to manipulate what I am reading to her because there is so much negativity displayed in the media.  I fully understand that famous people, celebrities, stars, politicians, public figures, icons, etc. are subject to the public’s constant “watchful eye”. I also understand that people make a LIVING off of rumors, dirt, lies and sometimes straight GARBAGE, which is why a lot of celebs don’t even do certain things or go certain places in FEAR of people catching them the wrong way.”(Click Here to read more @Essence.com)

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