Erica Mena has accused her ex-husband, Safaree Samuels, of being an absent father to their two kids, Safire Majesty Samuels,4, and Legend Brian Samuels,3.

In a  scathing Instagram post, Mena did not hold back in expressing her frustrations.


She began, “I really been [sparing] you for sooo long but enough it enough. You love social media attention so here it is.”


Mena criticized Safaree for going long periods without seeing their children, stating, “You already go months at a time in not seeing these babies by choice. You went two months this last go around. You finally pop up at Legends bday – empty handed and NEVER offering to pay half for anything like always. You came for your quick once every few months photo opportunity with them and bounced.”

Mena continued to share her frustration over Safaree’s lack of care for their children.

She wrote, “You finally decided to get them this past Saturday. Legend came their with his hair braided already. Clearly it needed to be taken out. But me just assuming since the so called auntie and grandma was in town my baby would be good. Right??”

“How is it no one thought to take my baby braids out and wash his hair?!!?! Especially since he was in and out a chlorine pool,” she asked.

She also took aim at Safaree’s priorities, contrasting his attention to his own appearance with his neglect of their children’s needs.

“Sis @safaree You have no problem making sure you a bad b$#ch all the time. Why can’t my babies be dressed and groomed properly like you do for you when you have them? Apart of being a bad b#$ch is really taking care of your kids so this is where I draw the line.”

“You know I can go on for days with all the spiteful [stuff] you don’t do for your kids just because you think it’s a way to hurt me but not grooming and properly dressing your kids every time you have them it’s just honestly despicable.”

After divorcing in 2022, Safaree agreed to pay $4,305 a month in child support. Mena’s post highlighted her ongoing struggle with Safaree’s perceived neglect and lack of financial support, despite his public persona of affluence:

“I already be having to eat [stuff] how you purposely dress my kids so sloppy and cheap because you know that’s the one thing I take pride in outside their education. You literally do nothing for them outside of CS[child support]. You don’t pay for school. You don’t pay for healthcare(but yet you claim you sell it ) their activities – you don’t do anything to chip in to help for their birthdays.”

She added, “You literally skipped out on Christmas and Safires birthday all together this year – what you could at least do when you do have them is take pride in that and actually put some effort. You got all this money so you tell the world and you got all these diamonds but yet why is it when you have your kids they walking around looking like this? Did grandma and auntie not feel the need to grab a comb for you babies Sis?”

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