In a recent exclusive interview with People Magazine, reality star and judge, Eboni K. Williams, shared the exciting news that she is pregnant with her first child, conceived via IVF. In a follow-up exclusive interview, with the same outlet, The Real Housewives of New York City star goes on further to tell us why she is proud to be a “single mom by choice”.

“I have wanted to pursue the single motherhood by choice journey for the past two years, and I’m so blessed to be here now. but I’m also not deft to how extraordinarily stigmatized it still is,” the 40-year-old said in her interview.


“My mother Gloria raised me all by myself, and did so in an era and at a time where being a single mother in this country — especially a Black single mother — was one of the most disgraceful things you could do. And in the span of a generation, that’s shifted to where women like me are not just embracing it, but also choosing it.”

The Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams star continued saying that being a single parent in 2024 isn’t the same “narrative that it used to be.”

“It is not the shame-ridden narrative that it used to be; that’s steeped in poverty, that’s steeped in scarcity, that’s steeped in rejection — that’s steeped in all of these heartbreaking, sad trauma points. That is not this story. These innocent, little babies are so desperately and lovingly wanted that they have mothers who invested exorbitant resources (by way of money, by way of time, by way of what we put our bodies through, etc.) to bring them to this Earth, and to shower them with all the things that all sweet babies deserve. That’s love.”

Williams’ pregnancy journey began two years ago when she decided to use her frozen eggs to pursue motherhood through sperm donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Williams said that she was “… very, very, very, very blessed and fortune to have found a fantastic donor,” as there is a shortage of Black sperm donations in the United States.

Williams continues in the interview saying that her daughter will definitely know the origins of her conception.

“Her conception will never be a secret. She’s going to know from the moment she has any awareness that she was lovingly, beautifully and perfectly conceived through a very generous man’s donation of the missing genetic piece that I needed to make her and love her. And whether we have relationships with those siblings — or her sperm donor, whose identity my child will have the option to access on her 18th birthday — that will be fully up to her. That’s my plan.”

The mother-to-be told People Magazine that she is fully aware of her donor’s life story “… which I heard told to me in an audio file he recorded in his own voice. I know his profession. I know about his family. I’ve seen childhood and adult photos of my donor. I’ve read essays he’s written, first-impression essays staff at the facility wrote about him. I feel extremely confident.”

Williams’ donor has also fathered three other boys and three other girls through his donation. Williams’ bundle of joy will make her world debut in August of this year.


Photo: Eboni K. Williams Instagram

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