Back in the day, the tooth fairy used to leave a quarter, then it moved up to a dollar, and then five. Now, according to a recent poll, the tooth fairy is expected to leave an upwards of six dollars or more! Well, with everyone’s belts tightening financially, parents may be thinking that the tradition stops here. Well, don’t fret. According to the experts, there are still ways to nail your tooth fairy duties without spending any money at all!

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Instead of money, give them something that they are interested in.


One mother of a five-year-old girl told in an interview that instead of giving her daughter money for her baby tooth, she gave her a “crystal” for the first and a chocolate coin for the second. Another parent told the outlet that she also trades beautiful colored stones, crystals, and jewels for her child’s baby teeth instead of money.

More than likely, your child will use the money to buy something that they like anyway. With giving them “trinkets” from the beginning, you are giving them something meaningful that will last a bit longer.

Instead of money, give them a toy.

Falling into the same category as above, give them a toy that they have had their eye on. Let’s clarify, a lost tooth doesn’t equal a Barbie Doll Dream House or a LEGO multi car track set, but a fair trade could be a coloring book, a doll, a matchbox car, etc. The key is to think small and not break the bank.

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Instead of money, give them a book.

Parents, here’s your chance to sneak in some reading by trading a lost tooth for a good read or two. You can even get creative and tell your child that this the book that you gift is one of the tooth fairy’s favorites. Even if they aren’t big readers, they probably will devour your trade just because it is on the tooth fairy’s top ten.

Instead of money, give them a sweet treat. 

Loosing a tooth is a rite of passage towards becoming a big kid. When something like this happens, a celebration is in order. So, when we celebrate…let them eat cake, (or ice cream, cup cakes, or cookies, but you get the point!!

One mother told that when her child looses a tooth, they get ice cream right away at any time of the day. “My child got one at 4am, and another time his tooth fell out while I was driving, and we drove to get ice cream first before going to our planned destination.”

Girl eating ice cream with missing tooth. ADOBE STOCK IMAGES

Whether you decide to still give money or institute a few or all of these alternatives, make sure to keep your tooth fairy duties on point. By keeping the tooth fairy tradition alive, you are creating fun memories for your child as they take the next step towards adulthood. 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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