Every new school year offers a clean page of a new chapter to start. Every teacher has a blank slate to learn about their new students. Although blank slates are wonderful and allow the teacher/student the opportunity to get to know each other as the school year progresses, some things parents need to make sure that their child’s teacher knows at the beginning of the year to make it a success!


Parents should let teachers know their child’s gender identity.

Gender identity, in certain states, is a sensitive topic. However, if you are free to discuss with your child’s teacher, then you should. Let them know if your child identifies with a gender other than what is listed. This will help the student feel welcomed in the class room. The teacher will appreciate the knowledge to help them

in most places, if your child identifies as a gender other than what’s listed on the class roster, you should let the teacher know. This helps create a more welcoming environment for both your child and the teacher.

Family structure.

Families are not structured as they used to be in the traditional sense of the word. Today, families are made up of a kaleidoscope of members. Let your teacher know if your family falls into this category. It may save them from an embarrassing moment or two and they will be grateful for the insight.

Custody issues.

You don’t have to share details, but do let your child’s teacher know if you are in the midst of a custody issue. This will help to prevent any unauthorized pick-ups, visits, etc. In addition to being a safety issue, this can help the teacher pinpoint possible sources if the student is starts to have trouble in class.

Medical issues.

If your child is allergic to nuts, gluten, milk, chocolate, etc. let your teacher know! It is extremely important for parents to make sure that teachers are well aware of any and all allergies. There are forms that parents have to fill out for administration; however, ensuring that your child’s teacher is in-the-know just gives your child that extra layer of protection.

Interests and gifts

Teachers want to know what your child is interested in and/or what are their special gifts. Teachers manifest miracles when it comes to keeping 30+ students interested in the lessons they are giving. Sharing what your child is interested in and what their special gifts are will help your child’s teacher seemingly tailor the magic of academia to just them.

Doing these few things will unquestionably let your child’s teacher know that they are welcomed as a valuable member of your little ones educational team.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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