Are you the one type that is the most successful?

Most parents wish that their children came with instruction manuals that could help them navigate raising them to be well-adjusted, successful, well-rounded, kind adults. Unfortunately, there is no such manual and parents have to just figure it out. Many parenting styles fall into one of four categories. Here are the main for types of parenting styles, which one are you? And, are you the one type that, according to researchers, is the most successful?

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The Permissive Parent


The permissive parent takes on the role of “friend” rather than parent. The permissive parent doesn’t like to engage in conflict and rarely enforces rules or expectations. Parents that fall into this category are in-tune with their child’s need and quickly respond to those needs, but they don’t impose limits. It is as if they are a type of parenting juxtaposition. These types of parents tend to give their child exactly what they want when they want it in full but only offer limited guidance or direction.

The Authoritative Parent

The authoritative parent, just like the permissive parent, is in-tune with their child’s needs and quickly respond to those needs. Yet, unlike the permissive parent, the authoritative parent does guide their children through life with open and honest discussions, teaching them values and reasoning skills. Rules and expectations are transparently set by authoritative parents.

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The Neglectful Parent

The neglectful parent, also known as the uninvolved parent, pretty much exemplifies indifference. This type of parent does not engage often with their children and rarely, if at all, implement rules. The do not give advice, guidance, or direction. Although, this cannot be intentional, parents that fall into this category tend to be caught up with their own issues, not finding the time or energy to focus on their children.

The Authoritarian Parent

The authoritarian parent is the “because I say so” parent. The authoritarian parent is strict and uses stern discipline with their children. Parents that fall in this category are fans of “tough love”. Authoritarian parents “talk at” their children instead of “talking to” them. With this type of parent, children can feel as if they are in a boot camp instead of a loving home.

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Can you guess which one researchers say is the most successful parenting style? Well, it is the authoritative parent. If this is your parenting style, then you are figuring out the journey, doing it right! Authoritative parents tend to raise children who are: “independent, self-reliant, and socially competent kids”.

Yet, don’t worry if you don’t fall into any of these categories or are a mixture of all four. Each child is different. It is important to remember that parents should just try their best and give themselves a break. If something isn’t working on your parenting journey, switch things up. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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