We are all in countdown mode until the anticipated remake of The Little Mermaid hits the big screen. Recently, Halle Bailey set down with Vogue Arabia Magazine to talk about the casting controversy, lessons from Beyoncé, and more.

Many may not know this, but The Little Mermaid held a special place in Bailey’s heart well before she was cast as the underwater princess.


“I remember watching The Little Mermaid for the first time when I was around five years old,” Bailey said in her interview. “My older sisters Chloe [now 24] and Ski would pretend to be mermaids whenever we were in the swimming pool; it’s cool how it’s all come full circle.”

In that light, the 23-year-old actress and singer said that it is because of her love for the movie and the Disney brand that she doesn’t take her historical role lightly.

“I felt an immense responsibility just because of how much Ariel meant to me. It’s crazy how you think it’s just a movie. But Disney means so much to so many people. Films are like the footprint of some of these adults now, so I did feel a duty to just do it justice.”


Although Bailey has the purest intentions to bring nothing but goodness and true talent to her character, there are some who would prefer that the new Ariel was not Black. And of course, when it was announced that Bailey would portray the Disney princess, her casting was met with a surge of racist backlash. However, she chooses to focus only on the positives and light.

“This is such a blessing, and the movie is bigger than me. I initially expected everyone to be as excited as I was, but the reality of it all hit me later as I realized the world that we live in. I just hope that people who aren’t sure about it, go and watch the film and realize we did the original justice.”

Bailey and her sister Chloe burst on to the scene, becoming protégés to Queen Bey herself. And when you are a protégé to the queen, you tend to get the best advice.

“The advice she’s given me over the years is so special, but it’s also watching her navigate life that’s so inspiring. She’s a wife and a mom, and still killing it in her career. I admire her ability to balance and focus on the things that make her happy,” the “Part of Your World” singer said of her mentor.

And, we couldn’t agree more. Event though, Bailey continued on to say in the interview that she is “…still learning who [she is], every single day,” we have a feeling that she is definitely on the right path not only to making an impact on the lives of millions, she is unquestionably setting herself up for a future as one of Hollywood’s most prominent entertainers.


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Halle Bailey Instagram; Halle Bailey Instagram/Vogue Arabia The Morelli Brothers

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