Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green had an amusing press conference after his team’s 127-100 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night. He was joined by two of his children, son Dj and daughter Cash, who stole the show. 



When asked why it was important to have his children with him at the podium, Green had a heartfelt response that spoke to the challenges of being a working parent.

“We miss so much times with our kids,” Green explained. “I think it’s not just us as basketball players; you have an obligation to provide for your child. Growing up in the circumstances that I grew up in, I never want them to experience that,” Green said, referring to his hardscrabble upbringing in Saginaw, Mich.

“With that, comes a lot of work. The times that you miss, it sucks. I think anyone in here who’s a parent understands that. When you’re able to share these moments with them, it’s special. I’ll look back at some of these pictures … and you just really appreciate ’em. I’m always thankful for the Warriors organization and the NBA as a whole,” Green continued,

Green went on to express his gratitude for being able to share moments like these with his children.

“They don’t have to allow our kids up here; it’s not something that they have to do. … We always talk about kid energy in here. It always lightens the mood. You’re always so serious, and you do this over and over and over again. When you’re able to get the energy of children in here, it’s always special. … These are memories that last a lifetime. … I’ll be able to find this interview forever. I’ll be able to find these pictures forever, and it’s a special thing.”

Green’s children added their own brand of humor to the conference, repeatedly getting the last word. When Green told a story about his son DJ being with him in the gym recently, DJ shouted, “No I wasn’t!”

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