"I Want To Be A Basketball Player"

Egypt Dean helped Kendrick Lamar come out of writer’s block. The teen and his father, Swizz Beatz, delved into the moment a then-5-year-old Egypt helped Kendrick get through a rough patch during their recent segment on The Jennifer Hudson Show.


“I looked and him and Kendrick were talking for like 40 minutes,” Swizz said of the bonding moment Egypt and Kendrick shared at a Super Bowl game. “So I went over and said to Kendrick, ‘Is he bothering you? Should I move him? I know you’re enjoying yourself,’ and he said, ‘No Swizz, I had writer’s block and what Egypt is telling me is helping me deal with something,’ ” Swizz Beatz shared.

“Still to this day, I don’t know what he was helping him deal with, but I let it happen,” the celebrity father revealed.

Egypt has made quite the impression for his musical abilities. The youngster, however, is not looking to build a career as a recording artist.

“Well, I love music, but I don’t really want to be a musician,” Egypt told Jennifer Hudson. “I want to be a basketball player,” the teen shared.

“[Music is] fun because I like playing stuff, so when I hear it,” Egypt said of his delight in dabbling in the world of music. “And I’m like, ‘Oh I want to play something,’ then boom, it’s on the piano,” the teen said.

Egypt is Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ oldest son. The producer also has a younger son named Genesis with his wife as well as two older sons, Prince Nasir and Kasseem Jr., and a daughter named Nicole from previous relations.

“We live and we learn,” Swizz Beatz shared when discussing his blended family dynamic with Jennifer Hudson. “And what we learn is the kids didn’t ask to be here,” he added. “Sometimes we gotta take ourselves out of it and make it about the union of the kids and the community because that’s what’s gonna pass on the legacy,” Swizz explained.

“We can be stuck on our own personal things for a long time, but when we grow up, and you ask a person, ‘Why do you do this for? naturally, people are gonna say, ‘I do this for my kids,’” the producer continued.

“So we just chose to buckle down and really do it for the kids, and we have an amazing blended family and all my kids are happy and we’re happy as well.”

Photo: The Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube



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