Black fathers have an incredibly hard job. They are usually not given enough, if any credit. In a recent article, written by author and “Dad Gang” founder, Sean Williams for Kindred by, Williams states that becoming a girl dad was one of the best things that could have ever happened to him. And as a result, he shares tips on how to parent a daughter as a Black father.

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“Being a girl dad, especially to a Black girl, also means helping our daughters develop positive self-images and good self-esteem in a society that undervalues them most out of any group in America. It means showing them what healthy love looks like. It makes us challenge the systems and culture of misogynoir that limits Black women,” Williams said in the article.


He continued, “We become feminists and advocates of women’s rights by default because, like most girl dads, I’ll be damned if I let anyone give my daughter any less than she deserves. Ultimately, I believe that becoming a girl dad was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. My two daughters have helped me understand women in ways that I couldn’t have imagined otherwise.”

So, just what tips did Williams share? Check them out below!

1. Show your daughter unconditional love.

I show my girls the love and acceptance they need to feel safe and secure. I’m not afraid to join them in their interests. It’s my opportunity to show them that my love has no limits.

Showing your daughter unconditional love helps her to know that her daddy has her back no matter what. Additionally, this will allow daughters to express themselves with their fathers openly, creating a very unique bond and dialogue where nothing is off limits.

2. Build your daughter’s self-confidence and self-worth.

Fathers should affirm daughters daily so they can develop positive self-images and high self-esteem. Speak highly of your daughters by letting them know how special and gifted they are. Let them know that their value is not just in their beauty but in their intellect and creativity.

Father’s should unquestionably encourage their daughters to see themselves as the young queens that they are as the world will try and convince them otherwise. It is crucial for Black daughter’s to grow with a healthy sense of self.

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3. Encourage your daughter’s interests.

Teach your daughters to pursue their interests, while also taking interest in what they are interested in. Encourage them to explore different hobbies and activities. Help them to develop their talents and find their passions, and use that as a pathway to bonding.

They will love knowing that you are interested in what they are interested in and will feel like they have their biggest fan cheering them on from the sidelines! 

4. Foster your daughter’s independence and set boundaries.

Teach your daughters to be independent and responsible by giving them opportunities to make their own decisions and gain confidence in their abilities. Create safe and trusting environments for them by setting boundaries and expectations.

By doing this, you are guiding them into adulthood, creating a strong, independent, woman that will not have to depend on anyone to help and/or make decisions for them. Father’s are teaching their daughters with this one, to unquestionably believe in self.

5. Help your daughter to nurture relationships.

Encourage them to form friendships and relationships with people who respect and value them. Especially with men. Teach daughters how to build healthy relationships, respect others, and communicate openly.

By helping daughter’s learn to nurture and navigate every type of relationships they have, Father’s are setting the stage for their daughter’s to respect others, but most importantly to be respected themselves.


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