A solid parent/teacher dynamic is truly the key to success for a child’s education. Supporting the teacher when they are trying their best to educate, helps them feel valued and a part of the parent’s team. Yet, sometimes, parents become a bit overzealous and there are things that they really should not do to “help”. According to a seasoned educator, here are five things that parents should not do.


1. Punish a child for receiving a bad grade

“Punishing a child for bad grades can have negative consequences on their motivation and love for learning,” Salguero, a recipient of the 2018 Music Educator Award told TODAY in a recent interview. Salguero continues suggesting, “(Kids) need support not punishment.”

Scolding a child because they bring home a bad grade only increases their anxiety and gives a serious blow to their self-esteem. Help them with their homework so that you can pin point exactly where they went wrong. If you don’t feel like you can help them over the hump, find a tutor.

2. Try your best to not miss a school performance 

“Going to your child’s school events like plays or games, is important because it shows them you care and value their hard work,” Salguero said.

Being present allows parents to bond with other parents and include the teachers present in the conversation as well. This unquestionably builds a stronger community for everyone involved.

If parents cannot attend the school event, find a substitute. Another family member, a friend, or even another school parent can pitch in, take pics, and let your child know and feel that they are being supported. Don’t hesitate to call on that village!

3. Don’t feel pressure to participate in a school fundraiser

Although fundraisers help provide the school with needed funds to purchase a multitude of things, sometimes encouraged participation can be a bit too much. Everyone isn’t always able to contribute. Take the pressure off of yourself and outline exactly what your budget can afford.

4. Never discourage children from making mistakes

Making mistakes comes along with life. Making mistakes is inevitable. Allowing children the opportunity to make a mistake teaches them not only about themselves, but also gives them the tools to problem solve for the future. However, make sure to let them know that no matter what, you are there for support.

“By letting them make mistakes, I’m showing that I trust and believe in them and am there to support them,”  Salguero explained in her interview. “Let them forget their permission slips or forget their lunch, then teach them to think critically about creative ways to problem solve.”

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And lastly…

5. Don’t give your teacher a coffee mug

“We have enough mugs and fruit baskets,” Salguero said.

Although appreciated, according to Salguero, many teachers would prefer things like a handmade card, a drawing or craft from the student, or any small tokens that are personally tailored to your teacher’s favorite things.

“The most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received were from kids expressing their thanks and appreciation for me. That’s all we need as teachers!”

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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