School has now been in session for more or less, for many, three months. Some parents probably had a hard time in the beginning when it comes to their preschooler and some may still be trying to find/establish a routine. Well, a former preschool teacher opens up and tells us all five things, via, that she needs parents to know. Take note, these are definitely worth putting into your parenting toolbox of knowledge.

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Your child really is fine when you drop them off.


Of course there were tears in the beginning and for some, there are probably bouts of sniffles now and then. It is okay, you don’t have to worry about them when you drop them off. Well-known-“secret,” as soon as you leave their line of sight, they are really okay. Preschool teachers are experts in helping your child, “turn that frown upside down.”

Preschoolers are just beginning to discover who they are

Preschoolers as a blank slate. For many of them, this is their first experience outside of the home. They are beginning to find their “way in the world” in terms of everything from exploring their new surroundings, making friends, conflict resolution, etc. etc. Preschool is their time to blossom and discover new things about themselves and the world. So, if they come home covered in glitter, paint-stains everywhere, singing “Baby Shark” on repeat. Just go with it.

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They are going to be exposed to germs, but that’s OK

All of the sanitizing and handwashing in the world won’t keep a preschool room germ free. Preschoolers love to use their hands for everything and that everything includes wiping their noses, touching surfaces, and touching each other with those dirty hands, exposing them to germs, but it’s okay. Their little bodies are slowly building up immunity and they will become healthier over time.

They’ll always want what someone else is having for lunch

You could have packed a Michelangelo-worthy lunch and your kids will still want what someone else is having. Preschoolers love to share or for that matter, even swap. Don’t take it personally. Just make sure that your child doesn’t have any food allergies that will cause them to get sick. If you find out that your child’s lunch is the class favorite, think about packing a little extra. You kid will definitely be the hero.

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Enjoy preschool because it is a simpler time than when grade school starts

Preschool is truly a simple and happy time in a child’s life. There’s no homework, no responsibilities, just learning and play. Enjoy it while it lasts because grade school will start before you know it and academics will replace outside-of-the-box imagination. Preschool can be a little hectic, but when it’s gone, both you and your children will miss it. 

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Tiffany Silva

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