Amber Rose’s 9-year-old son, Sebastian, ‘already’ knows about her work on OnlyFans and her stripper past.

On the latest episode of High Low With EmRata podcast, Amber spoke about why she is transparent with her kids about her life.


“Your son, by the time he’s 5, is going to start Googling you and seeing everything,” Rose, 39, explained.

The mom of two sons —Sebastian, 9 (with ex Wiz Khalifa) and Slash, 3 (with Alexander Edwards) — went on to share a story of a time when one of Sebastian’s classmates told him about her work on OnlyFans.

Rose recalled “having a whole conversation about” it on a car drive.

“We were in the car and his friends were like, ‘Miss Amber, ask us what we like in girls,'” she said. “I was like, ‘OK, do you like blonde hair? Do you like dark hair?’ And [Sebastian’s friend] was like, ‘Well, I just don’t want my girlfriend being on OnlyFans.”

Sebastian, who Amber refers to as a feminist, defended his mom against said friend.

“Sebastian was like, ‘Bro you can’t say that, like, you have to let a woman do what she wants with her body. Like, that’s not cool, you can’t do that,'” Rose said. “A tear came down my cheek and I’m like, ‘That’s my f****** baby, like, I instilled that in him from birth.”

She continued, “I just explain everything to him: ‘When it comes to women, you have to let women do what they need to do to support their families,'” she explained. “You wanna go to a nice school? Six Flags? Travel? You know, mommy has to make money. He knows that I was a stripper years ago. I feel like I desensitized it, instead of him finding out when he’s 20.”

Amber also allows her kids to curse within reason. “I let my kids curse and have free expression, be creative, as long as they’re not disrespectful or curse in school, which Sebastian never did,” she said. “He knows the difference.”

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