Children do a lot of their important learning about the world and people around them outside of the classroom, tapping into social-emotional learning, (SEL). SEL is the process through which kids develop the social and interpersonal skills that are critical skills for interaction in a myriad of settings for the rest of their lives. According to the experts, from, here are five products that support social-emotional learning for children.

“Anything that allows children to work together, mimic real-world situations, or practice caregiving are always great options when it comes to toys that build social-emotional skills,” Alanna Gallo, education and parenting expert and the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive., explained to


Get ready to order one or all of these that help children to manage feelings, set goals, make decisions, exercise self-discipline, and much more.

Miniland Family Diversity Blocks Game, $48.98

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With the Miniland Family Diversity Blocks Game, kids are encouraged to ​create their own unique family with a set of interchangeable blocks. According to, this game helps with understanding the different kinds of families that children may encounter in modern society, encouraging respect for diversity with activities involving moving and building. The set comes with 33 pieces and 12 activity cards to deepen the experience.

Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pouch, $19.99

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Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pouch is a wonderful way for children to express how they feel and to help them build their emotional vocabulary and coping skills. There are six feelings included in each box set.

Lottie Dolls, $29.95

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Gallo explains that Lottie and other dolls “allow children to practice empathy” while they play. “You might see them pretending to rock, diaper, sing to or feed their babies,” she said. “This is a great way for children to begin to care for others and invites so many opportunities for discussion around emotions, others’ needs, and sympathy.”

In addition to all of the skills that the dolls help children develop through play, another great selling point is that they are based on the average proportions of a 9-year-old child rather than that of an adult or a completely unrealistic humanoid figure.

Mindful Kids Cards: Daytime Deck, $20.00

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According to the official website, these cards are a definite must-have to engage and empower young kids day and night!

This series of easy exercises serves as an introduction into mindfulness to teach little ones (ages 3+) how to unlock their own sense of stillness and wonder in the present moment. Designed to empower young kids with basic techniques like awareness, breathing, meditation, gratitude, and stretching, we hope to embolden their inherent capacity for calm, confidence, and joy available to them at all times. This collection serves as a great addition to your kids’ morning rituals or bedtime routines. Each deck comes with 40 two-sided cards with watercolor illustrations for the little ones as well as more detailed instructions for parents, teachers, and caretakers.

hand2mind Mindful Maze Boards, $13.87

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hand2mind Mindful Maze Boards help children to relax, calm down, and learn. These tactile resources provide cues and physical objects to guide kids through breathing exercises. These make great additions to therapy toys and are perfect for any child’s calming corner.

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