For a few, school has already started. However, for the majority, the start of the 2022-2023 school year is right around the corner. Many parents are probably wandering glassy-eyed down the school supply aisles with lists in hand, trying to figure out where summer went. Well, don’t fret. The experts have a few tips to organize both you and your kids for the new school year!

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Have a dedicated space for backpacks and folders.


Having a dedicated space for backpacks and folders will keep kids organized and ready to walk out the door in the mornings. A good idea would be to keep backpacks by the door so that there is no wasting time as you are on the way out in the door. As for folders, keep them in a bin where kids are set up to do homework or study. If they need to go back to school the next day, make sure that they are put in their backpacks as soon as they are done using them.

Important paperwork belongs in an important spot.

Smaller kids will bring home important paperwork, for mom and dad to review. Create an important place such as a “paperwork basket” so that they can be quickly and easily be referenced and found! As for older kids, teachers may choose to communicate via email. Create a new subfolder within your email list and create a rule that anything that comes from your child’s teacher and/or school goes directly to that folder. No more searching spam or missing an email that you overlooked!

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According to, school supplies (alone) don’t make you organized.

All of the fancy school supplies can beckon to be purchased; however, according to the experts, its not all about the supplies. Keep the system simple and don’t get too fancy or overly complicated. Remember, this is something that once you start, you will have to keep it up everyday!

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Create a distraction-free zone.

A study space free of distractions is essential to success. Create an area that is free from all distractions that would interrupt the learning process and watch your little one flourish. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to add some inspirational affirmations to the space as well!

Get into a routine.

As the countdown begins, have your kids, older and younger, start to return to their pre-summer routines. Have them go to bed early, turn-off and turn-in cell phones, etc. Start now working your way up to the big day and when the week or so before school starts, you all won’t have any challenges. And don’t forget to make a study plan now so that everyone knows what is expected and what to do!

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