Time flies when you are having fun, and summer, believe it or not, is almost over. However, there is still time to create five lasting family moments before the end of summer.

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1. Make sure Everyone is on board


“Family glue” is what Pat Tanner Nelson, professor of Human Development & Family Studies at University of Delaware, calls those moments that connect your family.

“Spending time together as a family takes planning, but it’s a good investment,” Nelson said in an interview with “When children feel close to their parents, they try harder to please them and make them proud, which then makes the whole family stronger.”

Don’t over complicate things. As long as you all are together, having fun, you will build funny, sweet, and long-lasting memories.

2. Start a garden

Gardening is another way to have fun and build memories all while getting your hands dirty. You can plant veges, flowers, fruits, or a combination of them all. Just as long as you are doing it together. The best part about starting a garden is that you will have something else than pictures and memories to show for it!

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3. Plan and go on vacation together

Get everyone involved planning the vacation. Kids can research attractions and locations while the adults set the budges and coordinate logistics. You don’t have to travel abroad or across the country to have a great vacation. There are plenty of things to do right in your own backyards.

4. Interview the relatives

Family histories can be exciting, informative, funny, and heartbreaking all in one. Interviewing relatives and having them recant stories from their point of view is the perfect way to establish memories and gather stories that young members can treasure and keep the family history alive for generations to come. Make sure to write or video interviewees. These are stories that you don’t want to miss!

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5. Plan a family photo shoot

Who doesn’t like to get dressed up and pose for the camera? Planning a family photo shoot can be a way to create lasting memories in color or black & white. Go for a theme or simply dress up nicely, smile, and say cheese.

Want more suggestions on how to create lasting family moments before the end of summer? Check out the remainder of’s list here.

Whatever you decide to do with your family before the summer ends, make sure to have fun and get ready for memories that will last a lifetime!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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