Valentine’s Day is on Monday. And, if you are looking for a unique gift for your little loved one, we have a suggestion that doesn’t involve sugar, well, not the kind that you want to ingest! Here are five Valentine’s Day books from the experts at for kids to celebrate love.

1. Love Monster, $18.99


Synopsis according to the experts: This sweet book’s message resonates all year round. Love Monster is the first of a series that recently became the basis for an HBO Max show. But before all that, there was this simple book about a monster, who no one loves because of his funny looks. He sets off to try to find someone who he can love and who will love him in return, despite his strange appearance. Just when he’s about to give up hope, he finds love in an unexpected place. The dedication in the back also can’t help but make you smile: “For the monsters who’ve found me — and one slightly hairy one in particular.” A good pick for 3 to 6-year-old kids.

Where to Buy: City of Asylum Books

2. Froggy’s First Kiss, $7.35

Synopsis according to the experts: Froggy, a delightful agent of chaos who never learns any lessons, is the subject of over 30 books. This one, Froggy’s First Kiss, was published in 1999, and is a leeeettle bit dated — Frogilina should have asked for permission before giving Froggy a “big, juicy kiss.” But it’s a cute story for early to middle elementary school kids dealing with first crushes and all the embarrassing feelings that come with them. At the end, Froggy decides that his most special valentine card should go to — who else — his mom.

Where to Buy:

3. My Baby loves Valentine’s Day, $7.35

Synopsis according to the experts: Big-eyed baby and her friendly cat are sure to delight younger readers on their first or second Valentine’s Day in My Baby Loves Valentine’s Day, when books are still for eating as much as reading. This simple, rhyming book is too cute to miss, and the illustrations are absolutely darling.

Where to Buy:

4. A Crankenstein Valentine, $17.99

Synopsis according to the experts: Crankstein grumbles his way through life, so it’s no surprise that he is NOT a fan of Valentine’s Day. His feelings are best summed up by his poem: “Roses are red / Violets are blue / Valentine’s Day stinks / Seriously, PU.” It’s a great pick for the early-mid elementary school curmudgeon in your life who wants it to be known that they’re too cool for this Valentine’s nonsense.

Where to Buy: VRoman’s Bookstore

5.  The Legend of the Valentine: An Inspirational Story of Love and Reconciliation, $7.99

Synopsis according to the experts: Not only Valentine’s Day appropriate, but great for Black History Month as well. This is a serious book: it tackles the civil rights movement, the historical persecution of Christians (including St. Valentine), and the experience of having an incarcerated parent. 9-year-old Marcus lives with his grandmother in the 1960s and is navigating the experience of being the only Black student at an all-white school during Valentine’s Day. The book tells the story of how people throughout time have risen above, from 200 A.D. to the 1960s.

Where to Buy: Abe Books

Didn’t find a book on our short list? Well, click here for 16 more titles that you just might like!

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Tiffany Silva

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