Chrissy Teigen is back in the news and it is not necessarily for a good reason, depending on which side of the coin your are on. The wife and mother is being criticized for taking a bath with her children.


The mom to Luna, 5 and Miles, 3, posted a picture of herself and her children in the bathtub covered with suds with the caption, “not pictured: endless bickering.”

Well, fans were totally divided on the picture and took to the Internet for debate.

“Nope! Not appropriate in front of your son,” one person wrote on the popular social media outlet.

Another commented, “Bickering between kids is normal. Taking a bath with your kids is not.”

As Teigen is very vocal and shares a lot on not only Instagram, but on Twitter as well, one follower posted that there are some things that should not be shared.

“Some aspects of your life you should keep to yourself Chrissy.”

However, comments were not all negative. Those on the other side of the coin were supportive of Teigen.

One fan in support of the pic wrote, “Being naked isn’t sexual unless you do something sexual while naked. If you think that boy is gonna look at his mom’s naked body and think sexual thoughts then that says more about your depravity than it does anything else. The naked body is natural.”

“You are brave posting this. You know some pearl clutching church ladies are just gonna lose their minds,” said one Instagram user, calling Tiegen “brave”.

One Instagram user said that all that they saw in the picture was love.

“Haters gonna be after you for this pic ! Which makes me wonder that they are the problem . I see this and ill I see is love and the fond memories and bonding you have with your kids . Its the people with negative thoughts and clearly a bad relationship with their own parents or a shitty childhood that are the ones who say its” inappropriate” [Love] this.”

We want to hear from you. Weigh-in below and let us know what you think. Is this latest Chrissy Teigen pic appropriate or not?

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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