Fetty Wap is ready to talk about the death of his daughter, Lauren Maxwell. The rapper shared his feelings during a recent talk with Fat Joe on Instagram Live.



“I lost my daughter June 24,” Fetty shared. “I got that phone call at 12:36 pm,” the rapper revealed. “I’ll never forget this day in my life,” Fetty explained. “I was down in Miami at this Cuban spot I go to, I ordered my favorite meal. At 12:36 I see my baby mother’s number pop up on my phone. At the time, we weren’t really getting along, so I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh I’m about to see my baby. I’m about to get to see my daughter.'”

“And when I answered the phone, she looked at me, and when she looked at me I’m like ‘What’s up?’ She dropped her head, and I hung the phone up like, ‘Nah what’s up?’ Then she called me back and I saw the tears coming down and I said, ‘Get over here right now, come over here now.’ Then she showed me the police officer and he says, ‘I’m sorry.'”


The public got wind of Lauren Maxwell’s death weeks after her passing. Fetty and his daughter’s mother, Turquise Miami, kept the news out of the spotlight in hopes of healing without outside opinions and comments.

“Nothing in my life could ever be that bad,” Fetty said of his daughter’s sudden passing. “That’s the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life,” the celebrity father added. “I was in a real dark place after that,” Fetty shared with Fat Joe. “It was two weeks after my 30th birthday. I turned 30 on June 7th, and my daughter died on June 24. I’m like ‘Why?’ You try to justify it was somebody else that did this. Still, to this day, I slip into a dark place, but I know she’s smiling with me, I know she’s watching down on me.”


Many gave Fetty Wap sympathy after hearing his experience. The mother of the rapper’s daughter, however, called him out for allegedly pulling a publicity stunt.

“She likes butterflies just like she likes all animals but she was always a mermaid princess like the little mermaid and that was her thing,” Turquoise said of her late daughter’s preferences. “She had the mermaid doll, the matching clothes, she made me buy her best friend a mermaid doll too and we had to watch The Little Mermaid every day and sing along to the soundtrack every morning,” the celebrity mom continued. “I’m not throwing no f**king butterflies knowing it was a marketing scheme for a N***a to use.”


Lauren Maxwell was Fetty Wap and Turquoise Miami’s only child. Fetty has six kids in all.

Photo: Fetty Wap/Instagram



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