Actor/rapper Chris Bridges, aka, Ludacris, is known for his rap skills and racing fast cars all over the world. The talented entertainer is also father to four amazing girls. The oldest is Karma, for whom his new Netflix series is named. Recently, Ludacris sat down with Entertainment Weekly and Today to talk about his new show, Karma’s World, and how it tackles self-esteem.


Take a look at a snippet of what Ludacris had to say to Entertainment Weekly about the new series below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In one of the standout episodes of Karma’s World, Karma is uncomfortably questioned by her friends about her hair. It was written by Halcyon Person [Blaze and the Monster Machines] and Kellie R. Griffin [Tyler Perry’s House of Payne], two accomplished Black female writers, but did your daughter’s own experience also help shape the episode?

CHRIS BRIDGES: One hundred percent. A lot of the episodes are based on real-life situations that Karma actually went through, which makes them even more special.

What advice did you give Karma when it happened?

[I told her] there’s a creator that made us all with unique qualities, and you have to embrace those qualities — and that she comes from a long lineage of strong Black hair.

One of the things that impressed me the most about this series is not only the diversity of the characters, but the staunch commitment to vividly portraying that diversity. For instance, I was floored by the realistic detail of Karma’s curls. Were you instrumental in deciding the look of the characters?

Absolutely instrumental at every stage, and we went through a lot of stages. It’s just mind-blowing if you knew how many passes we did going through clothes, skin tones, hair, accessories, shoes, everything. It was important for me to make every single character unique.

In the stellar “Daddy Daughter Day” episode, Karma is hyped about a rapper named MC Grillz, someone her dad thinks is wack. Who was the first artist Karma was into that you weren’t feeling?

There wasn’t anybody. She loved Justin Bieber, but this is unique because I did a song [“Baby”] with him. So there was never an issue where I was like, “I don’t like the artists she likes.” I actually did a damn song with the artist she likes. I would take her to the concerts and then I would be like, “Hey, Daddy will be back,” and I had to go on stage and perform “Baby” with him. That’s very different than any other father when it comes to their kid loving an artist.

“Daddy Daughter Day” also shows Karma figuring out her changing relationship with her dad. I know Karma is 20 years old now, but is there a specific moment you can recall when you realized that she was outgrowing you?

There’s always that time no matter how cool of a dad you are where they get dropped off at the mall and they don’t want you coming in with them. I think that was a moment where I was like, “Oh, dang, okay.”

To read the full interview, click here.

Additionally, take a look at the Ludacris’ Today interview where he talks about tackling self-esteem in his new show that he has spent 15-years perfecting.

Karma’s World will be available to start streaming on October 15th. Make sure to tune-in. Bridges not only executive produces the show, but he also stars as Karma’s father, Conrad Grant, alongside a BCK favorite, 12-year-old Alyssa Cheatham.

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