Three-year-old baby genius, Seven John Singleton, delivers the perfect weather report and he looks extremely comfortable in front of the camera just like his late father, film director, screen writer, producer and actor John Singleton.

According to CW39, Seven’s mother, Rayvon, began teaching her gifted young man at the age of three-months-old. Rayvon told the popular Houston outlet that Seven started showing signs of intelligence at just five-months-old. He also began speaking at that time with his first words being, “I love you.”


Photo Credit: KIAH

Seven is the seventh son of the late Hollywood legend. Unfortunately, Singleton died a few months after Seven was born; however, Rayvon told CW39 that she is trying hard to carry-on Singleton’s legacy through their amazingly gifted young man.

Photo Credit: KIAH

The prek-4 student is excelling more and more on a daily basis. Seven is also bilingual. He has been learning Spanish since he was three-months-old. He knew the entire alphabet before turning one. And, if that’s not a major feat for someone so young, Seven has been able to complete putting puzzles together since he was 15-months-old.

Do you think that your child might be a baby genius just like Seven? Well, continue reading below for these 11 tell-tell signs that might indicate that your child is gifted. (According to the experts, you should pay attention to these signs between the ages of two and four).

1. They have an impeccable memory.

2. They start talking at an early age and have a large vocabulary.

3. They ask probing questions.

4. And have a really good attention span.

5. They have a wide range of interests.

6. Or they tend to focus intently on just one area.

7. They’re idealistic, but also have a sense of justice at an early age.

8. They’re early readers.

9. And have vivid imaginations.

10. They’re super alert with lots of energy (even as babies).

11. They have a great sense of humor.

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