Many parents find themselves questioning whether or not they are doing the right thing to help their little ones not only develop physically, but also mentally. Well, want tips on how to boost baby’s brainpower? Here’s how! Check out these simple tips/activities from the experts that not only help you to boost your baby’s brainpower, but also gets you some connection time in with them as well.

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1. Get some extra tummy time in!


Tummy time is the precursor to sitting, crawling, and walking. Tummy time builds up the upper body and core strength. Tummy time also exercises fine motor skills and it exposes your little one to new sights. Need guide to tummy time? Click here.

2. Reading time is fundamental!

Grab some books and read, read, read. Reading exposes your baby to new words, and language sounds. Create character voices and asking them questions can engage them as an active participant in the fun. Purchase bright color books with noises and pages that fold out. This will open the door to hours of quality time.

3. Talk to them!

The words your baby hears when you talk to them are helping them to learn how to produce sounds needed for speaking. Imitate their sounds and encourage them to imitate yours. Play social language games, like peekaboo, which also builds early talking skills.

4. Be their cheerleader!

Making sure that you are baby’s number one cheerleader reassures them and helps them know that someone is always in their corner. This important emotional-development milestone enables them to take risks, explore, and learn while at the same time feeling secure.

5.Make it fun!

Although you are helping them boost brainpower and take those next important developmental steps to the next level, making sure that you are having fun while doing it is super important. Learning new things helps their brains build important connections, but making sure to add fun into the mix is number one!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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