Mother’s Day is May 9th and many celebrities are sharing their feelings on being mom. Among those is singer/entrepreneur Ciara. The mother of three sits down for a new episode of Coach Conversations, to share lessons she’s learned about raising children; what it means to be a mom today; what her mother taught her, and how she finds balance as a working mom.

Below are some of the gems of advice that Ciara had to share.


How does Ciara get through tough days, especially when their children are driving their sleep-deprived mom up the wall?

As parents, your job is never-ending. It can be mentally challenging for any mom, no matter how great you are, no matter how awesome your kids are. Something that I enjoyed in our conversation was encouraging moms to know that the imperfect moments are actually a part of the perfect process of motherhood. It’s okay to have the not-so-pretty days in parenting and in motherhood; it’s important to remind every mom about that. And sometimes you’ve got to just take a deep breath. When the days are hectic, I just literally take a deep breath. I take a pause before responding to my kids. Ten times out of 10, you make it through the day.

Suggestion: “Find unique ways to say no.” This is something both she and husband Russell Wilson put into practice.

We always talk about how your no’s have got to be no’s, and that’s important. That’s hard sometimes, but kids are so resilient and consistency is everything. Your children challenge you, and you challenge them back. If we can be consistent and persistent, and always put a touch of love in there, it all works itself out. We also have to give grace to ourselves in the process—it’s not going to be perfect.

Continuing to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 beyond her Coach Conversations interview, the singer dedicated her #BehindTheJam segment on her Level Up Radio show to her 2015 maternal anthem, “I Got You.”

The Grammy Award-Winning mother remembered that the song featured her first-born son, Future Zahir Wilburn, who was only one at the time.

“I remember recording this song. I used to carry Future with me everywhere I went in the studio. He was right on my hip, and I just remember wanting to sing a song like this and make a song like this. And it’s a beautiful song that all my kids love me singing to them. Sienna will ask me to sing it over and over and over. And it’s so cute because you hear Future at the top of the song, his little coos.”

If you haven’t heard “I Got You,” take a listen below. Perhaps this is the perfect Mother’s Day anthem.

From all of us to all of the Mother’s celebrating today…Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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