Every family has their own moral compass that they set out to follow and instill in children. These family values help shape kids for their future as adults in society. According to the experts, here are five family values to start teaching now!


1. Teach Kindness

Kindness should be on the top of the list. According to expert, Laura Froyen, PhD, in an article with Froyen states that kindness sets the stage for many other important traits. Kindness leads to learning how to be generous, empathetic, compassionate, and more.

2. Teach Self-Compassion 

Negative self-talk is not okay for anyone. It is even more damaging for children. Teach your kids not just how to be kind to others, but how to be kind to themselves. According Froyen, “helping your kids practice self-compassion, will ultimately help them be more effective at practicing generosity and compassion toward others.”

3. Teach Integrity 

Letting children know that they should do what they say they will do is an important skill that will follow them as they develop throughout life. As we all know, children mimic what parents do, so this one is easy to teach…simply, follow through with what you promise.  

“It’s important for kids to know what it feels like to be around someone who keeps their word,” said Froyen. “You’re creating a blueprint for their future relationships.”

4. Teach Respect

Froyen says that, “When your kids feel respect from you, they’ll also know how to give that to others.” Talk to kids and let them know that respect is a two-way street. Instill in them the value of mutual respect. As we all share the same space, to truly co-exist, respect is fundamental for everyone.   

5. Teach Honesty

This is a core value of every person. Honesty helps to develop not only positive family relationships, but lays the foundation for the future. Froyen states that, “being honest as a parent, whether you admit when you’re wrong or share your own struggles in age-appropriate ways, also teaches your kids they can tell the truth, even when they’re afraid of the consequences.”

It would be easier if children came with an instruction manual, but they don’t. By instilling core family values into them while they are young, you will reap the rewards in the end. You will see, it will have been all well worth it! 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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