Ramarni Wilfred’s name has unquestionably become synonymous with those of genius such as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. This child prodigy is performing at levels higher than the above mentioned pair and it is amazing.

“I always remember driving him to nursery and he was telling me about something he’d seen on the news, and it was a very political subject,” his mother, Anthea Wilfred, said in an interview with the BBC. “Later on that afternoon, I saw the topic on the TV and I thought, my 2-and-a-half-year-old has just been talking to me about this in the car. It was just bizarre.”


Like many child prodigies, sixteen-year-old Wilfred showed signs of his potential at an early age. In pre-school, Wilfred was already reading and writing well before many of the other children in his class and by the age of 10-years-old, Wilfred had written a paper on justice theory that earned him high academic praise and recognition, garnering the attention of Mensa.

According to the BBC report, Wilfred scored higher than both renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein at age 11 when he took the Mensa exam. This incredible distinction unquestionably earned him a spot in the exclusive society and a place among some of the most elite minds that have ever existed in the world. 

“It’s probably in place of me not knowing something, and from the ignorance is a desire to understand it, to know it,” Wilfred told the BBC in the same interview as his mother. “It’s just about finding your thing and finding what you are very interested in, what makes you excited, what you actually want to learn about.”

In addition to being truly a bonafide genius, Wilfred is just like any other kids his age. He enjoys playing with his dog and comic books. It is no doubt that Wilfred is set to do amazing things. 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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