Just ask NBA star Chris Paul, keeping fit and active is a great way to spend home quarantine time. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard spends his time in lockdown working out with his wife Jada and their kids, 10-year-old Chris Paul Jr. and 7-year-old Camryn Paul.

The current 2019-2020 NBA season has been suspended since March 11, and while waiting for the season to resume, Chris Paul has enjoyed teaching Chris Jr. basketball. Paul spoke with PEOPLE on May 18 about training with his son during quarantine.


“My son loves the game. He loves it. He can tell you everything about any player, about any team. And another thing that this quarantine has given me the ability to do is, I’ve never had an opportunity to train him myself,” says Paul.

“I think yesterday was our fourth day working out, because he told me he wants to go Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And so it’s funny, yesterday was the best workout we’ve had, because the other three days he was getting mad, and getting upset,” added Paul. “It was really cool yesterday and probably one of the best feelings that I’ve had during this entire quarantine.”

Besides playing basketball, Chris Paul has an assortment of exercise equipment to make sure his family stays active. “Fortunately, we have a weight room with weights and a treadmill,” said Paul. “What I try to do is come up with a circuit for my kids, whether that be they have to jump on the bike for 2 minutes, then get down and do some push-ups, then do some sit-ups, then run a few sprints. I think they enjoy that. And I try to have them do three circuits, because if they see [me and my wife] training, it sort of motivates them and wants to get them going too.”

Due to his busy schedule as an NBA player, Chris Paul is often away from home, so he cherishes the quality time he gets to spend with his family during the pandemic. “I think that’s been one of the coolest things,” says Paul. “Most of the time I’m gone or I’m somewhere at the gym working out or training, but because of this situation, we’ve had an opportunity to have family workouts where we all work out together.”

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