Kyren Gibson wants to make sure that his son Kyng is completely financially literate and “not [going] to be a sucker with his money.” Kyng, in this viral video that has taken over the internet, assures the world that he is not going to be, while at the same time dropping some deep financial literacy knowledge.


In the video, we see the outstanding eight-year-old recanting and explaining hard-to-grasp concepts/terms such as liabilities, entrepreneurship, commercial real estate among others.

When asked about his son’s financial literacy training, 28-year-old father Kyren told FOX Business that, “I want him to know the actual words, and it’s not a foreign language. I’m going to teach my son everything I can possibly teach him now.”

As a result of the amazing nature of the video, it has been reshared on all mediums of social media by a multitude of celebrities, including hedge fund manager Clifford Asness. Asness wrote on his Twitter account, “If this kid, and only this kid, told me to abandon systematic value investing, I just might consider it.”

Kyren, who is a fitness instructor in North Carolina, feels that these are “real world” conversations that should not wait until Kyng is a teenager to have; therefore, he is well ahead of the curve!

You may think that Kyng wants to go into finance when he grows up, right? Well, maybe as a side gig. When asked by FOX Business what he wanted to be when he grew up, Kyng responded either president or a firefighter, “because I want to inspire people and make people happy.” Kyng thought about it for a minute then added, “And I want to be a tycoon and run a lot of things.”

We have no idea that he is on the right path. Make sure to follow this amazing young man on Instagram. His journey has unquestionably just begun.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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