School is almost over for the school year, but as social distancing and stay-at-home orders are still in place for many, summer camp fun is definitely out for this year. But, there are some summer camp activities that you can create right at home. So, if your kids have never been away or go every year, here are five fun things that you can do with them to help ease some of their cabin fever and yours. 


1. Zoom Ice cream social: Kick-off the first day that your kids and their friends are out for the school year, and that you have been released from homeschool duty, with a Zoom ice-cream-social. Have your fellow moms and dads get on board with the idea, send out a Zoom invite, and let kids log on and make sundaes with sprinkles, fruit, hot fudge, and more together. Encourage them to change their backgrounds, play some music, and just get into the spirit of summer. However, make sure that you lock your Zoom meetings with a password so no unexpected party crashers join in too! 

2. Tell ghost stories: You can either do this with Zoom, Skype, or go old school and break out the walkie-talkies. But, let kids and their friends get together when the lights go out and tell creepy, scary ghost stories. Of course, this is a time honored tradition at a campsite, so it should’t be missed!

3. Backyard games: Potato sack race, relay races, tug-of-war. and more-who’s stronger-mom, dad, or the kids? There is only one way to find out-head out into the back yard and let the games begin!

4. Tie-dye arts and crafts: Tie-dye arts and crafts are a cornucopia of messy creative fun. If you do not have tie-dye arts and craft supplies, you can order from Amazon, or Micheal’s and have them delivered or picked-up curbside. 

5. Water games: What better way to cool off at summer camp than to indulge in some water fun. You don’t need a fancy pool or lake to do so either. Join kids in the back or front yard with water balloons, buckets, your sprinkler, and a hose. Although you all will be a soggy mess in the end, the giggles and smiles will make it all worth it.  

Just know, you don’t have to wait until school is out to indulge in any of these above. Weekends are just as good a time as any to break the monotony of quarantine while remaining and keeping everyone safe. 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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