Are you running out of things to entertain your young kids and toddlers with? You are unquestionably not alone. Parents across the country, if not world, are trying to put a new spin on standard games again and again. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways that you can reinvent the wheel. Well, thanks to the internet, there are infinite possibilities to make sure that your kids are not only have fun, but are being educated as well. The best part is, you can take back a little bit of your sanity and your “you-time”.

Here are six of the best online games according to that will keep your kids entertained with counting games, alphabet games, matching games, construction games, shape games, and much more.


1. Counting Pizza Party (age 4+)

Combining pizza, a party, and counting is the trifecta of fun for any preschooler. Kids will count pizza toppings while they make pizzas for their customers. Make sure to turn the sound up so they can enjoy the fun bells and whistles too.

2. Alphabet Space Photoshoot (age 4+)

Preschoolers can point, shoot, and click their way through the alphabet and space in this game that is perfect for improvement of their letter-recognition skills.

3. Shape Shadow Matching (age 4+)

Matching games help boost brain muscles and memory. Shape Shadow Matching is a new spin on an old classic.

4. Animals and Their Babies (age 4+)

With this game, kids get the opportunity to follow the clues to locate the baby animals with their parents. This game is fun and easy.

5. Create Mosaics With Shapes (age 4+)

Creating art is fun. Creating art in an online game takes fun to the next level in this easy venture where kids create shapes outlined using geometric, jewel-toned shapes. This is definitely a way to mesh creativity and math all in one.

6. Construct-A-Saurus (5+)

Geared towards kindergartners and up, Construct-A-Saurus will allow kids to build every aspect of a T-Rex limb-by-limb, defining their strength, speed, balance, and much more.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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