You have finally made it through the teething rough days and nights. Now you can see those pearly whites of your little one erupting right on cue, so now what? You think that you are in the clear? Well, don’t be too hasty and get too comfortable because the work is just beginning to keep baby’s smile healthy, and you have to be on the lookout for signs of tooth decay.

According to the experts in an interview with Romper.com, here is what to keep an eye out for when it comes to making sure that baby keeps a perfect smile.


1. Yellow, Brown, Or Black Marks

Baby’s teeth at this stage are truly pearly white, so early signs of tooth decay will be easier to spot. Dr. Erin Issac, DMD, tells Romper that decay “will appear typically as a brownish/yellowish spot on the tooth.” Additionally, she adds that the decay can happen “soon after eruption of baby teeth.”

2. Irregular White Marks

Although baby’s teeth are white, they can get spots that are even whiter. Dr. Issac explains that the “chalky white areas, especially near the gum line” are a very common sign of decay. If you spot these, check-in with your pediatric dentist asap.

3. Rough Texture

Healthy teeth are as a rule, generally smooth. Rough textured teeth are a big sign of trouble. Dr. Rocky Napier, DDS, tells Romper.com that, “rough rather than smooth shiny surfaces could be a result of malformation and/or dental decay.” He also states that “secondary to home care, feeding habits, and/or the nutritional content of the daily diet.”

4. Your Child’s Behavior

Older little ones can clearly voice when they have a toothache and they will, but the younger ones can’t quite tell you what is going on. Look out for behavior changes such as complaints or changes when eating, change in sleeping patters, or hot/cold sensitivity. Remember, a cavity can progress into infection quickly.

5. Tooth Strength & Fragility

A decaying tooth can become fragile. If your child’s tooth is chipping or breaking for no reason at all, then decay may be setting in.

So, how do you help prevent tooth decay? For the most part, make sure that you have a pediatric dentist well before your child’s first birthday. Do not let your little one drink anything other than water in a sippy cup when they hit one, additionally, stick to water and limit sugary drinks, but most of all brush, brush, brush!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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