When you have a toddler, there are days that you sometimes want to take off screaming around the house, just like them. From one minute to the next, they are laughing, then crying, then screaming causing you both to want to have a meltdown.

Well, according to women’s health and parenting expert, Adina Mahalli MSW, in an interview with, that is when you just need a woosah moment and to employ some positive parenting techniques. “Generally speaking, positive parenting techniques are ones in which your discipline comes from a place of empathy rather than punishment. Even though your child needs discipline, they need to feel understood, loved, and supported at the same time, especially during their informative years as a toddler.”


Those terrible two’s will definitely challenge you as a parent. So, here are five positive parenting techniques that may help. Hang in there, you will be threw the toddler phase before you know it!

1. Slow down the way you talk

Little’s do not process the same as adults. They are still learning and trying to understand what you are actually trying to tell them. Use fewer words, slow down your speech, and allow your instructions to sink in at their pace. You will be a little less frustrated and will probably get better results.

2. Be Realistic

Do not get caught up in comparing your kid to the neighbors kids or even to yourself when you were that age. Each child is different and develops/accomplishes things on their own at their own pace and speed. Set expectations according to where your child is at and celebrate each benchmark with pride.

3. Pay Attention To Your Child’s Physical Cues

Toddlers don’t always have the ability to communicate with words, so pay attention to their body language and physical cues. Know when the meltdowns are about to happen and you can possibly stop them before they even begin.

4. Shower them with attention

If you are always looking down at your iPhone or iPad and wonder why little Johnny is behaving the way that he is-well, you might want to give him some attention instead. Children act out when they want attention. Give them yours and they will soak it all in and just as quickly trade you in for an episode of Paw Patrol and then you can hop back onto the internet again.

5. Get down to their level

Toddlers have a height disadvantage. Parents cannot effectively communicate with their adorable kiddo as they tower feet above them. When your child is upset, get down on their level, look eye-to-eye with them. You will see that this technique is also perfect for after that serious conversation, you are already poised for a hug!

If you have more toddler tips, sound-off, we want to hear from you!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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