"She's Too Young For Her Teeth To Be Missing Like That"

It seems that Joseline Hernandez cannot do anything without some form of criticism coming from the public. The celebrity mom recently shared Christmas pictures of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, only to have trolls ask why some of Bonnie’s teeth were missing in the front.

“She’s too young for her teeth to be missing like that,” one critic said in response to seeing a picture of Bonnie Bella smiling while posing for a candid in her holiday photo shoot. “What is up with her tooth,” another of Joseline’s inquisitive fans asked. “She’s only 2. The bottoms are fine but what is up with the top. Give me input on this.”


Joseline Hernandez alluded to refraining from sharing pictures of her daughter because of trolls who look for faults. She concluded that such people were not worthy of her miracle child. Still, Joseline decided to upload a few photos in honor of the holidays. She was effectively repaid by people who proved her initial point of trolls ruining a good thing to be accurate.

In any case, Joseline Hernandez posted some of the cutest pics of Bonnie Bella this holiday season. The celebrity mom also commented on how her daughter has changed everything.

“Bonnie’Bella has brought me to my knees and brought me closer to the man upstairs,” Joseline Hernandez told her fans this past weekend. “She is my miracle,” the celebrity mom added. “You are everything a mother deserve and more,” Hernandez wrote to her daughter. “Thank you for choosing me to be your Mother!”

Bonnie Bella is Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s only child. Stay tuned for more celebrity kids news!



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  1. Eve says:

    Bonnie Bella is a beautiful girl i dont understand why people get on here and post mean things nothing but the devil just shake the hatters off.

  2. Y’all critique everything. This baby is beautiful. She suppose to loose her teeth. They will grow back. Y’all tricks make sick. Leave her alone. Shes a miracle baby.

  3. She’s a gorgeous child. Leave her alone. Some kids just mature early. She’s losing baby teeth for the big ones.

  4. Dee says:

    Hey, I think some people are so ignorant, why would you talk or have anything to say about little Bonnie Bella, talk about Joseline all you want, but that little baby is off limits.

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