They Definitely Set The Record Straight

Allow Crystal Smith and Monyetta Shaw to set the record straight. The celebrity mothers appeared on The Real together along with the father of their children, Ne-Yo, who let the ladies clarify their relationship as well as other gossips steepled in fallacy.


Some have viewed Crystal as a bit of a homewrecker since she appeared to start a romantic relationship with Ne-Yo while he was still in an exclusive relationship with Monyetta Shaw. The truth, however, is that both Monyetta and Ne-Yo had called it quits nearly twelve months before Crystal came into the picture.

“I think what confused everybody [was that] we were still cohabitating,” Monyetta said of her relationship with Ne-Yo after the romance ended. “We still lived in the same house,” the author continued. “He was on the road a lot, so we didn’t really feel it. [But] I think the world got confused.”

Crystal Smith also chimed in with a bit of clarity. “[Monyetta’s] show had just come out around the time [that Ne-Yo and me] had gotten together,” she revealed. “So I think the confusion was the timing.”

Having people regard her as a homewrecker has definitely affected Crystal Smith. “It hurt because I have morals,” the Reality TV star said. “I have standards, and I would never do anything like that. So it hurt. But at the same time, you fight for love and you do what you have to do. And then, this became family. So it doesn’t really matter the disrespect that I get from the world as long as my family is happy.”

Speaking of happiness, some people regarded Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith’s joy over their family’s expansion via children as nothing short of a slap in the face to Monyetta Shaw who had her tubes tied for Ne-Yo.

“Honestly, if I would have seen the end results … I’m human, I would have done some things differently,” Monyetta admitted of her decision to undergo major surgery to refrain from having more kids while in a relationship with Ne-Yo. “However, this is my story, and [I consider it as] the sacrifice to help so many men and women out there,” Shaw added. “And it’s reversible. God is good.”

Will there be more kids for Monyetta Shaw in the near future? “Yes, if my husband wants to. You know, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

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