When mother’s give birth, there is no real question as to whether or not she will take maternity leave to heal from her delivery and spend time bonding with the new addition. However, new fathers are not necessarily afforded the same courtesy. Recently, the debate has been at the forefront as to whether or not fathers should have the same luxury as mothers and be given paternity leave.

Well, here are five reasons that actually make sense in support of dad getting leave too!


1. Both parents need to be familiar with parenting: Once baby arrives, unfortunately, they do not come with a “how-to” guide where one-size fits all. It is most definitely a learn-on-the job situation. Both parents need to be familiar with the nuances of their little bundle of joy and that can only happen if they are spending an abundance of time getting to know just what makes this new tiny human tick.

2. Father bonding: Paternity leave will increase the opportunity for the father of the newborn to bond with baby. If dad is in the office from 8-5, stuck in traffic until seven, the only thing that he may want to come home to do is shower, eat, and sleep. Giving a new dad the opportunity to stay home and bond with baby from the beginning will unquestionably set the foundation for a lifetime of special moments between the two.

3. Mom gets much needed rest: Having a baby can wreak havoc on a mother’s body. With around the clock feedings, changings, and simply trying to figure out why baby is crying, new moms do not get a lot of sleep. Having dad there to tag team in to help will allow mom to get the rest she needs and deserves!

4. Helping curve post-partum depression: Many women are susceptible to post-partum depression and having dad around may help to stave off feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated. Mom will get the love and support that she needs by just having dad by her side.

5. Dad gets some time off: Having a mini-vacation is totally different than paternity leave but dad will get some time off either way. Not having to worry about getting to work after many a sleepless night will unquestionably have dad return to the office a truly happy new dad!

Sound off! What do you think? Should fathers be afforded paternity leave? We want to hear from you.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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