Born in Scottsdale, AZ, Sofia Wylie is just the triple threat talent that Hollywood has been waiting for. As an accomplished dancer, singer, and actress, the young rising star has managed to quickly build a solid resume of accomplishments in such a little time.

Wylie has perfomed on stage with Justin Bieber, as well as having the opportunity to perform on America’s Got Talent. In terms of acting, the young star has appeared on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn as reoccurring character “June” in addition to a guest-starring role on School of Rock. 


Most recently, the talented teen made history as “Buffy” on the hit Disney series Andy Mack. “Buffy,” Andi Mack’s best friend, is the first gay character on Disney. Wylie sat down with Prune Magazine to discuss her career, character on Andi Mack, and more. Check out what the talented rising star had to say below!

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PRUNE: You have danced back-up to some of music’s hottest stars including Justin Bieber for his Purpose Tour. Talk to us about your dancing career.

SOFIA My love for dancing started at a really young age! I was 7 years old when I first started dance classes once a week at Arizona Dance Artistry in Phoenix Arizona. Early on most of my dancing happened in my living room where I would dance for my family everyday for hours on end!  I joined a competitive dance studio called Diverse Elements, there I danced regularly each day for 5-6 hours per day in all styles of dance and really advanced in my training! It’s really where I got my start.

After a few years I got an agent and began to travel to Los Angeles performing in larger venues, booking commercial and TV shows as a background dancer. After performing on a few TV shows I started to notice the actors and quickly realized that acting is what I really wanted to do with my life… I could see how much fun the actors were having on set. After one of my first acting auditions I got a call back from one of the top casting directors who recognized me from one of my dance videos online and wanted me to come back for a TV show!! So I guess I can say my dancing career gave me the key to entering into the amazing world of Hollywood and it’s has been the best experience.

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PRUNE: Now that you are a main character on a hit Disney show, are you still dancing?

SOFIA: Yes I will probably never stop dancing. I still train on my off days or any day that I’m not filming! I’ve been lucky enough to have many strong relationships in the dance community and it’s helped me to stay connected even while I’m away filming in Utah! I am now training at the sister studio to my LA studio called Millennium Dance Complex SALT LAKE CITY.

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PRUNE: You play Buffy in Disney’s Andi Mack. Talk to us about the show and your character.

SOFIA  Buffy is very much like me in that she is very confident, competitive and always is there to protect her friends! She doesn’t back down to anything or anyone and loves to speak her mind! I try my best to do the same in real life. Growing up I was really shy but with my Dad’s help I’ve learned to stand strong on the things I believe in.

PRUNE: Besides being Disney’s first show with a gay character, how does Andi Mack differ from other Disney shows?

SOFIA: The show is like no other show on Disney Channel! It’s a story for everyone; it’s characters and story lines will give everyone a chance to see themselves! The show is a direct reflection of the world today! Kids and adults will be able to relate to the characters and story line.

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PRUNE: Since the show has gained a lot of popularity, how has your life changed?

SOFIA : Well some things seemed to never change like dancing. When I’m in a studio taking a class and learning new choreography I feel like the same old me. But sometimes when we are at events and all of the cast is together I’m reminded that there are millions of people from all across the world that watch Andi Mack! I am starting to get recognized a lot now that Season 2 has started airing on Disney Channel every Friday night. But I love it, the Andi Mack fans are the best and I hope to be a great role model for kids watching.

To read the remainder of Wylie’s interview with Prune Magazine, click here. This is definitely one Disney star that is on the map and poised for superstardom!

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