Marcus Scribner, known for his role as Andre Jr. on the hit ABC show Black-ish, is more more than just another face on t.v. Along with being a sensational actor, Scribner is a dedicated activist, budding-fashion icon, and more.

Recently, the talented teen sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about his environmental work, his take on being multi-ethnic and how the art of Black-ish is an imitation of his real life. Check out excerpts from the conversation below.


Photo Credit: Teen Vogue/Michael Becker

Scribner on being multi-racial. 

“It’s pretty crazy growing up being like that [biracial]. You get called named in school for speaking too properly or not being black enough. Things of that nature. Being on Black-ish really taught me that that’s something special and to be proud of being multiracial. It’s something that’s cool and definitely, I hold dear to my heart.”

Scribner can definitely relate to the very first episode of Black-ish when Dre wanted a Bar Mitzvah for his birthday. Scribner, in real life, attended an elementary school where the majority of his peers were predominately Jewish. The young star had always wished and wondered why he couldn’t celebrate one of the Jewish rites of passage in his home. In a compromising fashion, his t.v. dad Andre made that wish come true by giving him a Bro Mitzvah instead. Scribner’s mother is half black and half white while his father is black.

Scribner on how being on Black-ish mimics his real home life.


“Being on Black-ish, it’s kind of funny because when I first read the script we were like, ‘Wow, this is exactly my life. They tell the exact stories that go down in our household. Every single week it feels like they have cameras in our house because we have the same conversations.”

Scribner on being an environmentalist.

“We’re living in a world right now that’s being consumed by pollution and smog. There’s been plenty of environmental disasters. I’m not 18 yet but you can definitely count on my vote being on the side of protecting the environment and social issues that have to do with minority communities.”

Fun fact that you may not know: Earlier this year, Scribner penned a piece for Mic, calling on others to help and defend the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA).

Scribner on what’s to come this season on Black-ish.


“Throughout the season we’re going to be tackling plenty of more issues as they come up across the United States. It’s been a wild year so definitely expect Black-ish to get just as wild.”

It is no doubt that the future will be bright for this young actor. We definitely see amazing things to come and if he has his way, that would include playing a superhero, specifically, Miles Morales of Spider-Man. Marcus, we hope that you get your wish!

To read the Teen Vogue interview with Scribner in its entirety, click here. And don’t forget to tune in Wednesday nights to ABC to see the entire Johnson clan on Black-ish. 




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