Traveling the world gives you first-hand insight into another culture, opening not only your eyes, but all of your senses  to new experiences and opportunities that will make you appreciate the world around you so much better. Whether it be a new city or country, getting to know the roads outside of your neighborhood is an invaluable lesson.

Here are four reasons black teens should travel.


1. Travel changes the way you relate to the world. Meeting people in other parts of the country or the world gives you a first-hand look at who they truly are, pushing stereotypes further out of the context of that person’s existence. You will learn up-close-and personal about their traditions, music, food, language, etc., allowing you to build a stronger bridge that will encompass a global community.

2. Travel promotes cross-cultural understanding. Being able to travel, helps to promote a sense of true cross-cultural understanding. The world has preconceived notions about Americans in general, even more so about black Americans. Many people in neighboring countries get their information from the media. Travel gives black teens the opportunity to dispel any myths that people may have about who they are, live and in color.

3. Travel provides the opportunity for learning. There is nothing better than learning about something first hand. Travel allows you to touch a piece of history and experience it in person rather than through a book. So, if it is a tour of a Mt. Rushmore or a scale up the Eiffel Tower, you will never look at the images of what you see in person again in the same way.

4. Travel can be a resume builder. Adding to your college applications that you are an extensive traveler can definitely bring you good luck. In fact, universities and companies tend to look favorably on well-traveled individuals. These candidates tend to have a global understanding that many of their counterparts do not.

So, bottom line is…hit the road! Whether it is nationally or internationally, there is so much of the world to see!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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