Michael Vick and the family are excited about the impending arrival of their newest addition. The former NFL player and his wife, Kijafa Frink, took to social media to celebrate their expectancy.

"Patiently waiting on one more little fella to make this family complete," Kijafa told her Instagram followers. "I wonder if the baby will look like myself or Mike," she pondered. The expectant mom shared another photo of herself proudly showing off her bump while relaxing on the beach. "Embracing every minute of this journey," Kijafa wrote.

"There is nothing more beautiful than creating life," the expectant star shared in another post. Many fans agreed and commented on the glow that Kijafa bore. "Congratulations beautiful," one fan wrote. "Many, many great blessing to come love much chica boss!"

Kijafa and Mike Vick announced the expectancy of their son in June. "Made with love," Kijafa shared along with a picture of her cradling her protruding stomach. "God bless my baby," Kijafa added. "Yesssssssssss yessssss and ANOTHER 1," one fan wrote. Thousands of other Instagram fans gave congratulatory remarks.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than creating a life. #27weekspregnant

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It was just a few months ago that fans were celebrating Michael Vick's retiring from the NFL. "I'm here today as a retired Atlanta Falcon," Michael said during his retirement ceremony. "I can live with that forever and will forever be grateful. Thank you."

Kijafa and Michael Vick are expecting their third child to arrive in coming weeks. The little one will be the fourth for the former NFL star. Stay tuned for more Michael Vick celebrity baby news!

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