Are you ready for the new season of Stranger Things? I know that we are! In anticipation of the October 31st debut of the top-rated Netflix show, Caleb McLaughlin and the rest of the Stranger Things crew, cover the September 2017 issue of Nylon Magazine.

In the cover article for Nylon, the boys talk about everything from fan meets, walking the red carpet, television interviews, learning what to and what not to say on social media, to discussing their "laughing" problems on set.

"We have laughing problems," McLaughlin told Nylon. "We definitely have an issue, where we can't get through a take without someone busting up. They're always making each other crack up-the number of takes ruined by laughter is in the hundreds."

It is no wonder that the 80's throwback supernatural phenomenon has garnered a cult-like following that is hopefully going to keep them on Netflix for many more years to come. To read more on the Nylon cover story, click here.

The magazine itself doesn't go on sale until August 22nd but if you are a massive fan like us and can't wait, it can be purchased online here. Make sure to check out the debut on October 31st. It seems as if we are definitely in for a wild ride this season.

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