With #girlpower ever so prevalent, especially in today’s world, it is voices like Rachel Crow’s that remind young women to value themselves above all else.

The 19-year-old singer, who got her start in the business at the age of 13 on The X Factor, is not only a passionately talented singer but she is a budding actress as well, proving that if you can dream it, you definitely can achieve it.


Check out the video below and then take a peek at excerpts from the interview as printed on Refinery29.com. To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

Tell me about how you wrote “Dime.” It’s full of money puns!
“Yeah! We just wanted a really fun, kind of sassy type of throwback song. We tried a few things, and I was like I don’t know about all this. But then we got to ‘dime,’ and we were like, ‘Oh, that fun.’ And after that we were kind of messing around, but we were just like, ‘How many puns can we fit into one song?’ And it worked! It was humorous, but it was very clever. Actually my friend-the other day he finally heard the lyric, ‘Spare the apologies’ [I’m not spare change}-and he was like, ‘What?’ He went crazy. We kind of wanted to mix simple with very complicated and I think it came out well.”
I like the lyric “invest in me,” too. It’s like, any amount of spare change is still valuable.
“Yeah that was the point-to be valued by someone is a big thing, and I think to value someone is even bigger, especially in today’s world with relationships or whatever you call when you date someone but they don’t want a label, you know what I mean? That’s sort of what my song is about-I want everyone to feel good about themselves. I also want them to know you deserve the world. You deserve to be valued.”
Is this about any relationship in particular?
“Not for this song. I have several songs-I have one even called ‘Dishonest’ that’s about a specific person. Just because, you know, I’m nineteen! And you go through things and you go through heartbreak. But not this song in particular. I kind of pulled from many different experiences-even experiences that weren’t mine. This was mainly a general callout, like, ‘Hey! Everyone listen.’
Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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