Bill Bellamy and the family celebrated his mother's life earlier this week. Edna Bellamy passed away on Saturday, June 24, 2017, and was given a beautiful memorial service by her loved ones.

"What a celebration of life," Bill Bellamy shared online. "One of the most beautiful and emotional days in my life," he added. "I cant explain all the emotions that move through your body. But Love is a powerful thing. Prayer is a powerful thing. Seeing all my family and friends and all my new cousins was insane! Our legacy is our children. As I stand with my kids and my Uncle Randolph with his kids. The Bellamy name will move forward. That's everything! My Mom would be super proud."

News of Edna Bellamy's passing spread one day after her death. Bill took to Instagram to share a picture of him with his mom along with a heartfelt message of gratitude.

"Yesterday I lost my Mom," the celebrity wrote. "A woman who has taught me so much in this lifetime. A woman who showed me that you can make something of yourself no excuses. Self-motivation is everything. My strength comes from this woman," he explained.



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