Tamera Mowry-Housley is not your modern mom. The Real co-host tells XO NECOLE that she carries out traditional rearing practices at home.

"I get called the 1950s mom all the time," she reveals. " I never thought that wanting to be with your child all the time, would be considered being a 1950s mom," Tamera explains. "Before I had Aden, I was in control of as much as humanly possible I thought. And having Aden taught me, ‘Tamera you just have to let that go.’ You just have to live day by day, take it an hour at a time. I don’t overwhelm myself and I prioritize. My family is number one. So whatever makes my [family] happy, that’s what I do."

One thing that certainly makes her kids, Aden and Ariah, happy is baby food made by mom. "I make my baby food myself," Tamera shares. "A lot of the baby foods out there have GMOs, genetically modified foods, in them and they have preservatives and chemicals and that are being linked to autism. It’s not a proven fact but it is assumed to be linked to autism," she adds. "So I buy organic food for my baby and I make it."

Although her schedule is pretty neatly packed, Tamera admits that she doesn't have it all together. "You’re never going to have that 100% down," the celebrity mom says. "Remember, do what you can, while you can, the best you can and enjoy the ride along the way."

Tamera and husband Adam Housley's son will celebrate his fifth birthday in November. Ariah turns 2-years-old in July.



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