Vacation is over but Chrissy Teigen has fond memories of time spent with her family in Mexico. The model shared pictures of her, John Legend, and baby Luna gearing up for their trip back to the States.

Luna was the jet-setter who sat up straight in her plane seat as mom looked at her with adoration. Chrissy also shared a candid of her, John, and Luna before boarding the family's jet. Teigen was vying for her daughter's attention while John held on to the little one.


Chrissy and John got right back to work with a show-stopping appearance at this year's Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday. Teigen, who grows in fearlessness every day, did what every woman working the event probably wanted to do: sat down in the middle of the red carpet setting.

"I don't like to try on too many things," the model said when asked about her outfit selection for the night. "At this point, if I can walk in it, I'm comfortable," Teigen added.

One point of concern at the awards' ceremony was the clutch bag situation. "I got a bigger phone and I can't keep it on me," Chrissy revealed. "Women are disadvantaged with this clutch situation," John added.

"I'm scared because normally I have someone texting me, 'Do this to your teeth,'" Teigen shared. "Or, like, wipe your armpits. And now I'm completely blind. I have no idea!"

Luna is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's only child. She celebrates her first birthday in April.




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