When you are a parent, it seems as if the war against clutter is never ending. If becoming best friends with the donations person at Goodwill is not an option, what can you do to make that pile of Legos that never seem to be picked up off the floor disappear?

Here are four ways to declutter your home and recruit the kids to help! Remember, you are laying the foundation for when they become adults.


  1. Show kids how to actually clean Saying “clean up your room” is never enough. Some kids may think that moving one pile from one corner of the room to another is actually cleaning. Give them step-by-step instructions on what you would like for them to do so that they are clear and know what is expected. For example, say, “Pick up the clothes from the floor and put them in the laundry basket.” This will definitely result in tasks getting done and who knew, you actually had hardwood floors under there after all.
  1. Get artsy with artwork As parents, the desire to keep every drawing that your child has done since preschool runs deep; however, some of little Johnny’s masterpieces can be creatively stored and taken down from the fridge. There’s everything available from art storage cases to unique and creative picture frames that you can use to take work down and put it up from public view or hang it as the true work of art that it was destined to be!
  1. Purge toys Every Christmas, make it a habit to have your children go through old toys and donate them to charity. This will get rid of the piles of things that they have only touched once while making room for the new. While at the same time, teaching them to give back to those less fortunate. Let them know that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, aka mom and dad, won’t bring anything new until they get rid of the old.
  1. Just let it go Make it a game or family project to find things that are old and outdated that could be gotten rid of. Give a prize or reward for the winner who finds the most things to purge. Just make sure that you all let it go! If it’s something that you find and haven’t thought about since 1982, chances are that it won’t be missed when you toss it out!


Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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