Having friends is a vital part of life. They make us laugh, they support us when we need a shoulder to cry on, they keep us focused, and they are always there to lend an ear or helping hand. Every mom needs a crew of diverse women that she can depend on.

Here are 6 types of friends that every mom needs in her circle.


1. The Cool Mom She’s a twenty-first century mom and everyone knows it! If it’s not her trendy house, clothes, or just the way she relates to the kids, this mom is a definite keeper. A lot of kids think that their parents are lame but not this one. There’s always something awesome going on at this mom’s house−aka party central−and she loves for everyone to join in.

2. The Experienced Mom When you need help, this mom is there with a plethora of answers to any and every situation. She’s the captain of the scenario drill and you can’t live without her on your team. This mom has advice, facts, and at least three to four remedies per ailment for you to try.

3. The Brutally Honest Mom If you need the Band-Aid ripped off, this is the mom to do it. She doesn’t pull any punches and tells you just like it is. She doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings, even though she sometimes does, you suck it up and soldier on. You know that this friend is the one that won’t hesitate to ask you, “Have you lost your mind?”


4. The Comic Relief This mom always has everyone in tears—literally! She’s a pro at comic relief and missed her calling as a stand-up comedian. She doesn’t mean to always be funny, but she is. Whether it is her sarcastic quips or her ability to see the humor in almost any situation, this mom will keep you laughing.

5. The Paparazzi Mom In an age where everything is documented via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., this mom is the one that will make sure that you and everyone else has tons of pictures to post of your group’s activities. Just make sure when she is around, you are camera- ready because you know that she will tag you!

6. Mrs. Dependable If you need a last-minute babysitter, she’s there. If you need to borrow an extra ten dollars until pay day, she’s there. If you need to call her at three o’clock in the morning to complain, she’s there. No matter what, this mom is there for you.

Comment and let us know, which mom are you!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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