From almost the beginning of time, the folklore surrounding the Vampire has seduced the human imagination for ages. Cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, Romans, all told tales about spirits that became the precursors to the modern-day-vampire. From the tales of Vlad Tepes, (Vlad the Impaler), to Nosferatu to Count Chocula, the vampire has transformed, becoming a dominant figure in horror genres and folklore. Not many people can say that they know or knew one, well, until now.

In a recent interview, 18-year-old actor, rapper, and entrepreneur Jaden Smith revealed to French Fashion Magazine, Numero, that he once self-identified as a vampire.


“I was only wearing black and I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire,” comments Smith to the magazine. “I was a vampire, for real,” he went on. “I could not expose myself to the sun and I was only wearing black trench coats.”

So, how is it that the young prince of Hollywood is now able to walk during the day and has shed his black attire for more vibrant fabric? Has he come upon some of Blade’s serum or has he joined the Twilight clan, only sparkling in daylight? Smith explains that it is none of the above, “Now I’m not a vampire, I’m out of this phase. I open myself up to wear more colorful things, to go out in daylight. I share much more mixed energy.”

To read more of the Smith interview with Numero and see his fashion cover shoot, photographed by Nathanael Goldberg, click here!

Photo: Numero Magazine

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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