Dear Mama,

I need your advice. You see, I am a mom of two..twins! I had always looked forward to motherhood and now my wishes have come true!  So what is the problem, you say? Well, I have spent most of my life trying to achieve perfection. The perfect job, skin, hair, get the point. I feel so blessed by my twins and my husband but i feel so very imperfect. I am 70 pounds over the weight that i am supposed to be; my twins keep me busy and up all night; my husband, it seems, doesn’t have much time for me anymore and i am scared that he is no longer attracted to me. It’s been seven months since i gave birth. I feel so down. Should i be feeling this way? Am i selfish?


Sincerely, Unpretty


Dear Unpretty,

There is no such thing as perfection, as you may now be learning. It is ok to strive for perfection, but only if you allow yourself room for imperfection. It is our imperfections that make us grow as individuals. You are a new mom: enjoy the moment. Stop worrying about how you have gained 70 pounds and how you are no longer “perfect”. You just had twins for goodness sake! Embrace your new womanly figure.  However, if you are extremely concerned about your weight gain, try to limit your intake of high fatty foods and get some few cardio workouts during the week. Just remember that you have twins to care for so don’t try to strain your body too much! As for your husband, maybe you two should sit down and have a talk. I am pretty confident that your husband isn’t so shallow that after seven months, he is no longer attracted to you. If that is the case, then maybe you should leave him home alone one weekend with the twins-that should take care of that problem.

Mama Guru

Mama Guru

Resident Adviser / Head 'Mama' in charge!

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