Dear Mama, I am a stay at home mom;my day starts with my kids and ends with my kids. I used to be a sexy gal but after two kids, my body isn’t as sexy as it used to be. Now, i am aware that a healthy body requires exercise and a good diet. Seeing that i have two young kids, ages 2 and 5, i hardly have time to exercise or eat right! Please help me. Do you have any tips on how i can get my sexy body back?

Sincerely, Mama Chulo


Dear Mama Chulo,

How appropriate your nickname because remember that you are indeed a “hot mom.” There are in fact many ways in which you can workout your post-baby body. Your kids are still young so i imagine you are always on the go. I also imagine that you don’t get much time for yourself because your two year old is home with you all the time, am i right?Well, all the same, anything is achievable in this world as long as you put your mind to it. On that note, here are five tips to get your sexy body back:

1)Include your kids in your workout. This means long bike rides in the park, walks with strollers etc…

2)If you have stairs in your home, make sure to make good use of them. Run up and down as much as you can

3)Instead of eating along with the kids, choose healthier options. Kids can eat fries; you need to stick with carrot sticks

4) Have a dance-a-thon with the kids. Kids have a whole lot of energy so use their energy to motivate you to workout. If your kids are too young to dance, they can just watch mommy make a fool of herself

5) Negotiate with a spouse or neighbor. Watch the kids for 30 minutes,please? if this is a neighbor, make sure it’s someone you can trust to watch your kids.

Good Luck getting you sexy back!


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Mama Guru

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