Tech savvy teens today cannot make a move without tweeting, posting, blogging, snapping, the list goes on. Social media is imbedded in their DNA just as much as eating, breathing, or sleeping and 14-year-old starlet, Skai Jackson seems to be at the helm of it all.


“I started going on social media at nine,” Jackson comments to, thinking back to the beginning when she landed her role as Zuri Ross on Jessie. Fast-forward five years and the stylish member of the young Hollywood club’s platform of choice is Instagram where she follows fashion and natural hair accounts.

Yet, if you are a Jackson fan, you know that her biggest moments of 2016 didn’t happen on Instagram but Twitter. The first was when a tweeted photo of herself backstage at a Fox morning show turned into a meme and the second was when she got into a 140-character mêlée with 25-year-old rapper Azealia Banks over bigoted statements that she made towards pop star Zayn Malik. Eventually, the rapper began to target Jackson as well. After all was said and done, Jackson, obviously the youngest of the group, came out of the skirmish unscathed and seemingly the most mature one of the three. “I’ve always been that person who’s not going to let someone attack me or say something aggressive toward me,” Jackson states.

When asked where she sees herself after acting, the young actress comments, “Maybe directing, producing. That would be fun. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I kind of like edgy clothes. I especially love how Gwen Stefani dresses, because she is very Tumblr chic.”


Phoros: Paper Magazine

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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